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The Latest Updates (4/22/10)

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Motorrad Official Cap. Wear one, Be one

DIY LED roll your own LED at a reasonable price

ALPHA Ignition All-New "Bean Can" for 1981 through 1995 Airhead Twins!

Omega FAQ - What you need to know!

Omega installation guide

Omega 450! Upgraded, Hardened and Power NOW Every Airhead needs it!

K-bike Plug wires! When did you last changes yours?

Motorrad Elektrik T-Shirts - wear your wiring diagram in style!

New Improved for 2008 Omega diode board for '70-95 Airheads!

New Hardened Alternator Rotor Bolt Tool- simply a must have!

Spark Plug wires 1970-80 Airheads

Generator Light Auxiliary Circuit BMW Airheads '70 -'95

Oil Head Riders rejoice! Plug Wires and Coils at GREAT savings

Moto Guzzi Riders Rejoice! New Starter Available NOW!

ElectroPods LEDs to REALLY light up your brake lights! $24.95

Great Deal non-ABS Oilhead GS LED Tail Light now $50!

NEW! Fantastic cunningly small Charge-X Mini Charger $29.95!

NEWBosch Spark Plug Replacements...Finally. Airhead, K-bike, F650

NEW Bosch Coils For 1970 Through 1980 Models : /5 , /6 , and /7, R90S

New Replacement Starters for Oilhead Boxers: Fits All R1100, 1150, & 850

Alternator UPGRADES for all K Models and Oilhead Boxers

The Super Nippondenso Starter for all /5 & up Airheads


You want the best for your BMW Motorcycle. Motorrad Elektrik has been offering the best in electrical parts for classic and modern BMWs for over 10 years. Be it a full 12 volt conversion for your /2 or better than stock replacement parts for your late model "R" or "K", we've got you covered.

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