New...Cunningly Tiny Mini Battery Charger

Kisan ChargeX Mini Battery Charger $29.95!

The ChargeX Mini is a universal , processor-controlled, fully automatic battery charger . It automatically senses the type of battery it gets connected to, and provides the correct type and duration of charge, whether it's VRLA, SLA, AGM, or Gel type batteries .

If the fused ring terminals are permanently assembled to the battery, the Mini can be used on late model BMWs with the CAN-BUS electrical systems without interference .

Just plug it into any standard 110V wall socket, and the Mini will charge any type battery to the correct level, with no fear of over-charging or damage. The LED indicator in the case provides an instant charging status check: red for fast charging, green for full charge.



Charge-X Mini comes with 3 sets of quick - change connections, for just about every need .

The connector options snap onto the end of the charger leads securely , allowing quick changes for different needs or applications. Small and light, the ChargeX Mini travels well, and is easily carried along so you'll always be sure to have a really good battery charger available if needed.

Web monkey Motorrad Trustee comment: This thing ROCKS! In the frigid environs of The Church of the Horizontally Opposed Air Cooled Twin, even at 10F, iconic old Airheads like my R60/2 and R100RS have fully juiced up and topped off batteries. Even "she who must be obeyed" constantly drained Ducati stays fully charged. This is a "must" have for bikes that sometime sit for extended periods. It's small enough to fit in your seat storage tray. You can even permanently install the pigtail on a bike and move the charger from bike to bike. This one goes into the permanent collection.