Oilhead Pilots - Save on Plug Wires & Coils!

Oilhead Plug Wire $59.95 Per Pair

(BMW price : $67.00 EACH - OUCH!)

Non - Suppressed Spark Plug Wires for 4 Valve Twins, R850 / 1100 / 1150
For all Oilhead models with ONE spark plug per cylinder , 1993 - 2002

These replacement spark plug wires are a great alternative for the pricey original parts, with no loss of quality, performance, or reliability . They will fit and work just like the original part, and the removal tool in your toolkit will work as it should to prevent damage when removing the caps from the spark plugs. A tough outer sheathing of high - temperature nylon braid will help prevent damage from wear and abrasion. A small tube of dielectric grease is provided to ease installation and future disassembly, and help prevent corrosion on the metal ends as well.
Modern, high - energy ignition systems demand that the secondary cables are in perfect condition for all the sensitive electrics to perform as intended. Hard starting, poor economy, and mysterious hiccups can all be caused by plug wires that have degraded with age or been damaged by careless servicing. These wires are the reasonable solution for keeping your bike running as good as new.

Oilhead Ignition Coil $59.95 each

( BMW price $76.00 )

4 Valve Twins, 1993 - 2004

This coil is the original equipment part for use on R850, R1100, and R1150 models with ONE spark plug per cylinder. These coils are of the latest construction method designed to address the failures that sometimes occurred on the original part during the first few years of production.

They will bolt right on with no modifications and provide correct, reliable functioning of the secondary ignition system.