New Improved 2008 Omega Diode Board

Fits ALL BMW 2-valve twins made from 1970 - 1995 , with new wires and fasteners shown. $90.00

IMPROVED FOR 2008! The Omega diode board has been upgraded with a massive new heat sink for the large-capacity diodes, for even better cooling and electrical efficiency. The included new wires get rid of those old, crusty originals that can limit charging performance and cause overheating. The new red wire provides a ready path for the charging current to return to the battery, a frequent sore spot on many aging machines. Larger diameter ground wires are provided for installation on rubber-mounted applications, since the original ground wires have proven so inadequate. On diode boards mounted directly to the engine, all four mounting points are ground path, so there's never a lack of grounds.

This is the same diode board that comes with the Omega 400 W, 33 amp charging system, so it's definitely over-built for the stock 20 amp or less charging system.


New Diode Board left/ Old diode Board right. Note massive new cooling fins!