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Classic Boxer Charging Version 3 Coming Soon!

The only book you'll need to understand and administer to your Boxer electrical needs. No Airhead owner should be without this classic! Color graphics, explicit photos, wiring diagrams (in color!) for every Boxer model 1970-1997. Keep your Boxer thump, thump, thumping along! Recently updated with all the latest wisdom.




Replica Horn for Slash 5 $24.95

This 12 volt horn bears a very close resemblance to the original Bosch horn found on the /5 models. It's 115mm in diameter instead of the original's 125mm, and has 2 terminals with a flat bracket for mounting. It sounds off loud and clear, perfect for restoring an original look to a /5 or adding some retro to any 1970 and later model.




Dual Horn Kit $41.95

Dress up your Cruiser or add big noise to your Boxer or K-Bike. These horns are made in Italy and look suspiciously like Fiamms. Sounds like 'em too. High and low tone, with relay and mounting brackets. Chrome bits are easily removed for the stealth look.

Kit comes with two horns and relay, 110db of BEEEEP.


Starter Relays


Headlight Relays


Turn Signal Relays



Oil Pressure Switches



Brake Light Switches


These are rugged, German - made accessory sockets and plugs for almost any need imaginable. Superior materials and construction means you'll spend a lot less time trying to revive your favorite doodad, or lots fewer cold miles when the warm stuff quits because a cheap, flimsy connector part has failed - AGAIN.

Powerlet has become the name best known for the source of all the best in connectivity products . We stock the most universally needed Powerlet goodies shown below, and will be happy to source any of the rest of the extensive lineup visible on their website.

Waterproof, Locking S.A.E. Cigar Lighter Universal Power Plug & Socket $24.95 / set

These are very good quality, marine grade parts that lock together with a twist upon insertion. The double-lipped rubber seal on the plug keeps water out of the panel-mounted socket, which can be used with or without the mounting flange . A rubber cap seals the socket when not in use. The plug has a rubber wire seal and strain relief, an internal fuse accessed by unscrewing the metal tip, and a tiny green LED announces a powered condition.


Universal Accessory Plug $12.00

This is one part that is such a great solution, you'll wonder why it hasn't been done long ago. Finally, just one plug that fits 'em all - big, car-type cigarette lighter size sockets and the smaller BMW-sized accessory sockets that have been standard equipment for years. Very well made, with a proper strain relief for the cord, an internal fuse to protect delicate electronics in accessories, and a nice green LED to indicate powered status. Simply a must for your bike!


Accessory Plug and Socket

Socket $18, Plug $8

These are the real deal, not cheapo plastic ones that melt!


90 Degree Accessory Plug $10.00

This is a high-quality accessory plug that stays out of the way,preventing damage to the plug or socket. The right-angle provides easier routing for the wires that uses less length. It has a proper strain relief inside that captures the wires and keeps them from getting yanked out if snagged or pulled.



Accessory Socket $18.00

This power socket with spring-loaded cap has two flat terminals for easy connection . It fits a 18mm diameter hole,secures with a
ring nut, and requires about 30mm depth clearance. Made in Germany, they're like the originals that come on the bike new.



'Mil-Spec' Accessory Socket $28.00

This is the perfect item for an industrial-grade GS-or maybe a tank. It's thick, machined aluminum with a tough plastic screw-on cap which you won't even be able to lose in the dark,since it's retained by a length of sturdy flat-link chain. (Don't ride down the road with it flailing in the breeze, though, since it might damage surrounding areas.) The cap has a full-width rubber gasket sealing the internals from the worst muck you'll ever ride through. Fits a hole 18mm in diameter,and needs about 30mm depth clearance.



Super Accessory Plug $12.00 (Fits our socket and original BMW accessory sockets )

This is a serious connector,for extreme reliability. The rubber boot provides water resistance and enough stiffness to support the wires inside. There's also an internal strain relief, so accidentally yanking the end off any cable with this one on it will be very hard.It's also big enough to find in the dark!



Battery Vent Catch Bottle $5.00

Attaches discreetly somewhere near the battery. Vent hose goes to the lower fitting, nothing but air gets up and out of the upper fitting. Much, much cheaper than new chrome and paint.



Fuses $0.25 each

Cylindrical 8amp, or Flat 7.5 or 15amp.



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