Alternator Rotor Bolt

For all Airhead BMW twins 1970 - 1995 . Price : $5.00

This new, hardened rotor bolt is the perfect solution for the worn, sloppy hex recess so often found when working on these bikes. Many people use the rotor bolt to turn the engine during valve adjustments or other routine servicing, and the socket head hex can become worn. Why they don't just take the spark plugs out, put the transmission in top gear, and rotate the rear wheel by hand to turn the motor is beyond me...

And, on a bad day , if the rotor bolt is too rounded out to loosen when you REALLY want it to ( like replacing a failed rotor on the roadside ), a simple repair can become an extremely aggravating prospect.

Worse still, the rotor bolts used in the last several years of production seem to be unhardened, or at least nowhere near as hard as the older black oxide finished bolts. If your rotor bolt is a gold - cadmium plated one, take extra precautions to make sure it doesn't round out by using only a hex bit, not a typical 90 degree wrench, to prevent side loading and mis - alignment . Many times the gold - cad plated bolts have a thread locking compound applied , so preheating ( carefully ! ) with a torch to soften the thread locker is a good preventive measure.