ElectroPods Oooh. Bright!

ElectroPods Blinking

LED Brake Lights $24.95

These are very versatile and extremely effective add - on lights for the rear of practically any bike. Each rectangular holder has 8 very intense red LEDs that blink constantly whenever the brakes are applied, and stop when the brakes are released. Easy 2 - wire hookup to your bike's wiring , either inside the tail light or at the brake light switch. no other additional modules or components to have to hide. A nice mini-fuse holder is already incorporated into the very high quality wire cable. The Pods each clip into a plastic mount that can be secured to a variety of surfaces with the included extra - strong double - stick tape, cable ties, or screws that you provide. There's plenty of wire cable length, about 60 inches, so it's easy to place the Pods just exactly where you want them.


Other brands of very similar products sell for as much as $49.95, so these LEDs are a great bargain as well as a terrific visibility enhancement. Check out the photos of the ElectroPods mounted and in use to get some idea of their effectiveness at getting you noticed!