Motorrad Elektrik Oilhead Replacement Starters

New Replacement Starters for 4 - Valve Boxers!

Fits All R1100, 1150, and 850 Models.

These starters are similar to the excellent ND Starters we sell for the Airhead models, except they're based on Mitsubishi automotive electrical components. Extremely well built, they are designed for long life and easy rebuilding should it ever become required. They have NO glued-together parts that can and do cause the complete failure of the original starter.

They're a bolt-on replacement, with no re-wiring or modifications required for installation. Insanity has been defined as repeating the same action and expecting a different result, so why replace bad parts with more bad parts?

There is no core or trade in of the old starter required.

Retail price: $350.00