New...Bright LEDs, Glowing Fuses! K-bike Plug Wires Wow!

K75 & K100 Plug Wires $89.95 a set (Factory price is $85.00 EACH !)

hese spark plug wires are made from very good quality jacketed copper cable, with the correct 5K ohm resistor in the NGK caps. The caps are correctly sized for a snug fit on the 12mm sized K plugs made with the screw-on terminal nut on the end. The coil ends are the correct brass barrel - end type for the K100, and clip-on types for the center stud terminal found in the K75 coil sockets. Thick rubber boots at the coil end keep moisture away from the connectors inside. We have to get the K75 ends from BMW, which is why the 3 wire sets have to sell for the same as a 4 cylinder set. By using the exact correct part, easy fit and long service are assured . Why pay the exorbitant factory price , when these wire sets will restore smooth running and efficiency to an engine suffering with 23 year old plug wires ? Do you run your car plug wires for 20 - plus years ? Didn't think so -

Beacon LED Tail lights

Rugged PC board mounts on precision stainless brackets and machined aluminum posts that hold everything securely to the original tail light base, and the whole works is heavily coated in polyurethane. Extreme vibration resistance means no more regularly replacing the bulb in a big Single. Installation is as easy as removing the 2 lens screws, removing the original incandescent bulb, and plugging in the Beacon. Back on withthe lens, you're done.

Beacon tail lights are simply the brightest, best quality lights available that won't tax the bike's charging system and will greatly enhance your visibility . BE SEEN, NOT HURT !

Beacon 2 $59.95

LED light insert for1979 through 1995 models except R80GS and R100GS.






Beacon 1 $59.95

LED Tail Light Insert for 1970-78 models that have ONE bulb








R1200GS & F650 $84.95(not for F650CS)

This is an extremely bright LED light insert that completely fills the area under the original lens with red LEDs, and a row of white LEDs on the bottom provide license plate lighting. They are compatible with all brake systems, conventional, ABS and EVO boosted.

Beacon 11 : For NON-ABS motorcycles - $54.95
Beacon 11 : For all ABS / EVO brake systems : $84.95
Beacon 12 : $84.95

Reproduction spark plug wires for Slash 5, Slash 6, and R90-S $50.00 / PAIR

NEW! High quality reproduction wires are constructed of the finest materials just like the originals were, now NLA from BMW. Copper wires inside a durable, black high-temp jacket material have the correct 1 K ohm metal shielded cap and rubber boot made by Beru, the original equipment manufacturer. A piece of German braided- cloth covered fuel line is slipped over the upper end of the wire to provide protection from abraision on the bottom edge of the fuel tank, exactly like the originals.

These wires will provide durable, reliable function with the original points ignition systems and will be the finishing touch for that really complete restoration.





Indi-Glo Fuses with LED Failure Light $0.75 each

15 amp or 7.5 amp, for all BMWs using flat ATO fuses.

Is the fuse good? Are you SURE? Not unless you remove it and look, or get the multimeter out. These fuses allow you to know at a glance, literally, if the fuse is good or if it's not . There's no mistaking that if the tiny LED in the center of the fuse is lit up, that fuse no longer has a circuit through it. If it's one of the fuses that allows the bike to run, this can be a Big Deal . Remove the guesswork, not the fuses, whenever something electrical acts up.