New Spark Plugs for All BMWs

NGK Spark Plugs $2.50 each

Bosch has stopped making the correct, copper-core, non-resistor spark plugs that were the specified original equipment for Airhead BMWs.

Most vehicles that used the basic technology spark plugs for ignition systems using points have all but disappeared from the market , greatly lowering the demand to plug manufacturers. Our beloved twins will be around for quite a while yet, so finding a suitable replacement becomes very important for the health and proper operation of these engines .

NGK spark plugs have been supplied as original equipment in millions of Japanese cars and motorcycles, and have a good reputation that is decades long .NGK spark plugs are made to the same level of quality, and incorporate all the same important design features of the original Bosch part. This insures good performance, long service life, and proper fit without damage to the aluminum threads in the cylinder head.


Other models and applications may be readily available , please enquire for your specific needs .